Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Puppy Sitter Report Card

We got back from Santa Fe late Tuesday evening, and I went to pick up Coach from his pet sitter Kathy on Wed. morning.  Kathy is a retired nurse, who also was a Southeastern puppy raiser and who has a retired Visla breeder named Boo.  Boo is 13 years old.

Kathy and Coach in Kathy's family room.

Boo and Coach met me at the front door and Coach seemed happy to see me (which made me very happy) and Kathy said very nice things about the way he behaved (which made me very happy as well.   As we gathered up all of his things, I asked her how he did, really.

She said that out of all the dogs she has had, that Coach knows his commands the best.  That even when he was being crazy, if she told him to sit, he would sit.  That made me very proud, although after taking him to the last meeting on Thursday and having him act like a little jackass and having to sit out in the hallway WAY OUTSIDE the circle of obedience, I'm thinking that maybe she has only been puppysitting very young puppies who haven't had much chance to learn their commands.

She took Coach to church, where he behaved himself (woohoo!), and she took him to a Rotary meeting and did a presentation about guide dogs and afterwards took his coat off and let the members pet him and he was very good, she said.

She did say that Coach was a canine vacuum.  That he puts everything into his mouth.  The only good thing was that he was so sweet about it.  He never gobbled anything down or resisted having her open his mouth and take things out of his mouth.

So, we will be working on breaking his vacuuming skills. But we want to put a big shout out and thank you to Kathy for for keeping an eye on Coach, taking things out of his mouth, taking him out to church, etc., and in general keeping him safe while we were on vacation.


  1. You should be proud! It sounds as though Coach did great!

    1. Thanks Leslie! I was very proud of him. You never know when you leave them how they will react, but you keep your fingers crossed. He has such a sweet disposition, though, I felt sure that he would be good for her. He and Boo got along great.