Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Coach, Right About

By Fred
Cheryl is still in Phoenix with her mom, so Coach, Willow and I are on our own. Thursday night Coach and I attended a class with puppy trainer Jennifer J., who has been working with Cheryl and me (trying to work with us) ever since our shaky start with Bingo four years ago.

The issue with Coach is not so much what as why (as in why should I sit down just now). I'd like to believe that my love and praise are always enough for him, but sometimes the potential of a little tasty reward will sharpen his senses and concentration.

In this video we are practicing right about without a leash. Not the best video, but I am busy today working on a fence, not making videos...

OK, he was mostly hoping to get the treat in my hand. I am still his hero.

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