Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Post-Op Coach

By Fred
Our little Coach got fixed on Monday, and not because he was broken...

My all-time favorite dog, Matt, was never fixed, but then he would have made a terrible guide dog. He once dropped a piece of fried chicken because I told him to. There were times, though, when the scent of a female in the air transformed him into a different animal, and he would not obey me, not at all. So I understand why the fixing is necessary.

What I don't understand is how Coach can have such a perfect indifference to the event, even after we make him wear this inverted plastic dunce cap all day. His disposition is sweeter than ever, and I do not believe it's a sudden hormonal thing--his is just a chronically sweet little dog, the same as ever.
In this photo Coach is wearing a cone to keep him from licking. He is looking up innocently at the camera, and all you can see is his head in the center of a big plastic cone.

His perpetual good nature is starting wear thin on me. I am perfectly prepared to show him some understanding and sympathy, male to male, if only he would quit grinning.
Coach has a little smile in this photo.

But no, he couldn't be happier about his liberated appendages or his silly neck cone.
Coach is almost laughing.

Maybe there is a lesson here, but I don't want to learn it.

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  1. Well never heard of some poochie being happy about IT, but having Shadow, our guard Lab, we think it's just the way they handle things!

    The Mad Scots

    Pees; Glad all went well!