Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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Coach's Belated Birthday Party

Coach had is first birthday over spring break while we were in Santa Fe.  But I wanted to celebrate at school when we came back from spring break so that we could have his sponsor Austin and his namesake Coach Ciao come and celebrate with him.

So, I ordered a lovely birthday cake from Publix (who makes great cakes!) and picked it up today.

Coach says, "Where's my Cake?"
Coach was a bit excited about the cake because he had heard it had dog bones in it.  Nope.  It was a cake for people, not for dogs.  After his dietary indiscretion, I wasn't taking any chances with his system.  He wasn't even getting a frosty paws!

Publix did a great job on the cake, decorating it with paw prints and dog bones.
It was chocolate cake and it looked delicious.  It had little chocolate paw prints on it and was also decorated in little white dog bones.

Coach sits next to his birthday cake.
I do think that Coach would have liked a piece of cake, but after his stint being sick, I don't think I can ever take him feeling ill again.  He was the most pitiful sick puppy ever!  It made you want to cry.  Thank goodness he is totally recovered.

Coach's sponsor Austin came by wish Coach a happy birthday and check on his progress.
We were very happy when Coach's sponsor Austin was able to stop by for some cake.  Austin and his walkathon team raised enough money this year to name another puppy as well! Keep your fingers crossed that it stays in Tampa Bay.  We'll let you know what they decide to name the puppy!

Coach Ciao says, "Happy birthday" to Coach.
We had to go find Coach's namesake Coach Ciao.  Coach Ciao is very shy and retiring and doesn't like the limelight.  He does like Coach though.

Ms. Mosny comes to visit and wish Coach birthday cheer.
One of Coach's favorite people, Ms. Mosny, stopped by to wish him a happy birthday.  She will often puppy sit him if I have a meeting with the headmaster.

Coach's good friend Ms. Timothy came by to say hello.
Coach has been over to Mrs. Timothy's house and met her cat and two dog and knows her son Kelland VERY well. They are all on the family list.

All of his favorite students came to visit as well.
And then his regular crew came to say hello and eat some cake.  All in all it was a good day to be king and he was a pretty mellow fellow monarch today.


  1. Well Happy Birthday Coach, looks like you did have a fine Pawty. Our Lab Shadow sends her best Huggies and Kissies for your special day!

    The Mad Scots

    1. Tell shadow thank you! If it hadn't been for coach's dietary indiscretion, we could have had frosty paws and invited canine friends!!

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