Friday, September 20, 2013

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Dewey and the Professors

Dewey has made it his mission to be an ambassador around school and to meet all the faculty and staff that he can.  He calls it public relations; I call it schmoozing.  

His first effort wasn't so good.  Here he gets a dress code warning from Dean Lindsey.
Dewey tried to sweet talk his way out of a dress code violation with Dean Lindsey, but she is made of sterner stuff.  8-) Actually, she's a softie and was a good sport for the camera! Thanks Dean Lindsey!

Dean Williams is the 9th and 10th grade Dean.
Dean Williams also had to meet Dewey.  After all, Dewey is technically a 9th/10th grader his first semester.

Mrs. Hoversten takes a moment with Dewey.
College Counseling also is a very dog friendly place.   Mrs. Hoversten loves labs and was very impressed with Dewey's calm nature.

Mrs. Czabafy and Mrs. Connolly get some puppy time.
Mrs. Czabafy gets a kiss from Dewey.
Dewey always visits everyone in College Counseling.  He loves Mrs. Czabafy, Mrs. Connolly and the Academic Counselors as well.

Mrs. Woods comes to visit Dewey sometimes.
Sometimes though a person might be having a tough day or just need a pick me up.  That's when it's time to wander on down to my office and see if Dewey's in his man cave.  He can usually be persuaded  to come out and be loved. Perhaps he is actually Dean Martin reincarnated? He's very smooth.

He got the lovely ladies in admissions to make him the admissions director for a day.  Well, actually, just for 5 minutes.  But it really went to his head.  He came home and tried to tell Jam he was not accepted and Willow she was accepted.  I had to bust up the fight.

Mr. Ide, our math department chair, and Dewey.
 Mr. Ide stopped by to say hello and Dewey was thrilled.  He and Mr. Ide got along really well.

Dewey and Ms. Fleming, his favorite piano teacher.
Dewey met Ms. Fleming when she held him up at the lower division convocation so that all the lower division children could see him.  Then he whined a little bit and she let him down.  He rested his head on her feet and fell asleep, so she gave him her heart.

Mrs. Gonzalez and Dewey
 I thought that perhaps Dewey would be able to help Mrs. Gonzalez with the attendance, but he ended up being really intimidated by the computers and the system.  He just wanted to sit in her lap.  She's very sweet.

Latin teacher Ms. Frank and Dewey commune about life.
But I think he most enjoyed the conversation he had about Latin and its current usefulness in our life with Ms. Frank.  His tail never stopped wagging.

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