Sunday, September 22, 2013

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How to Stop a Pooping Dog

Do you know how to stop a dog from pooping? 

It's a question to ponder.  It's one that every puppy raiser should know how to do.  It's key.  You might never know when it would come in handy.

But first you have to know how we got to the poop-cident.  It all started with the Homecoming film ( an NB Production).
Nathan and Kendall explaining the scenes we will be filming.
We started out filming at school.  Mind you, I can't tell you what the film is about, because the theme is a secret and I would have to kill you all! 8-)  It can't be revealed until the film is finished and released.

Dallas, Allie and Sam laughing.  It's a funny script.
The script had 7 or 8 scenes.  A complete cast list. It was very detailed.  I was very impressed with it.

Amol laughs at one of his scenes.
 Once the school filming ended, we all loaded into the van and headed off to International Mall for more filming.  I think I may have jinxed things by telling Austi the story of Melisa and how Erik had a poop-cident in Nordstrom's, where we were filming, which ended with a small boy pointing and yelling, "MOM! POO!"

Dewey was great in the mall. No problem with the elevator or the railings.
 Yes, so confident was I that I was telling stories about other raisers and THEIR poo stories.  Because of course, there was no reason that I would have a poop-cident.  Not me. Not Dewey.  He's so calm.

So we filmed in Nordstrom's.  Then we went to Starbucks and filmed.  I waited  upstairs so we wouldn't be in the shot.  We had lots of visitors and I handed out several Dewey cards.  That was fun.  Then we decided it was time to get some lunch and walk to the food court.  So, we go up the stairs and start down the long hallway to the food court.  I'm in the lead with Nathan, who is telling me about the filming and how it is going.  He is mid sentence, when Dewey jerks off to the left in a mad attempt to get to some imaginary grass, I pull him back.  Nathan continues to talk. Dewey, finding only marble tile, decides he can't wait and hunches up, preparing to let loose his bowels on International Mall's pristine white marble tiles.

I saw the hunch.

How do you stop a pooping dog?

Well, you pick up a pooping dog.  Pick them up quickly.

I did.  I whipped around and said in a slightly panicked voice: "Take my purse! Take my purse!" Because it was still on my arm and I now have a pooping dog in my arms.

Sam (short for Samantha) grabs my purse. Nathan has no clue what is going on.  The kids are all startled and staring.

"Follow me!" I start running through the mall to the outside doors with my 35 pound dog in my arms.  Every person coming towards me had big eyes and a huge question on their face:

"Is that dog blind?"

"Why are you carrying him"

"What's going on?"

But I kept running for the doors.  We made it outside and I put Dewey down.  He no longer felt the need to poo.  Nathan and Sam came panting up behind us.

"Is he ok?" Nathan asked? I said he needed to poo.  Nathan started to laugh.  "I thought he was having a seizure!"

Sam looked at him.  "Is he going to poo now?"

It didn't look like it.  "You guys go back in and get lunch.  I'll stay out here until he poops."

He did.  Once we found some grass.

Amol striking a pose.
 Below is a photo of film committee and me and Dewey.

Homecoming Film Committee.

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  1. Pull their tail towards their tummy in between their legs. Its helps to block the ahem, flow. Oh yes, carrying a dog and running through the mall is how I get my aerobic exercise.