Sunday, November 10, 2013

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Coach's Latest Report Card: November News

We were hoping for completely positive news, but Coach is still dealing with some issues. Our boy is still in the program, though and he is fighting the good fight.

Coach smiling next to some red flowers.

COMMENTS: Coach is still a very loveable boy.  He has started to show  signs of kennel stress again and because of that has been going to a volunteer home periodically to help with the anxiety.  He has mild separation anxiety when in the crate but otherwise has had impeccable manners.  His harness work is going very well at this point.  He really thinks ahead and is good at problem solving when working through a difficult situation. I really hope that we can get his anxiety under control because he is a very nice working dog.  I have really enjoyed getting to know him and training with him.  He also loves his puzzle time during kennel enrichment. :)   

If you have a moment, think of Coach and send out some calm, positive energy his way.

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