Thursday, November 28, 2013

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Happy Thanksgiving Wishes from Dewey

On Monday we were having the freshman crossfire debates in health class.  They have been quite a fun research project.  This year has been really fun with the freshman because I have been able to get to know them much better.  I don't know whether that is because of Dewey and instagram or because we have had a long world history project or a combination of the two, but whatever the reason, I'm all for it.  It makes for a nice, friendly year and helps me know the students better!

After one class, Marie came up with her friend Jennifer and asked if she could come back after school and take some photos with Dewey.  I said sure as the freshmen seem to consider him their dog.

After school, she and Jennifer show up, right on time and she has a big bag. They sit up by the comfy chairs and I take Dewey's coat off. 

Marie and Dewey. Dewey has a sign around his neck that says I heart pie with a big pie underneath.
Marie opens the bag and inside she has about 10 different Thanksgiving themed outfits/signs for Dewey to wear in photos.  She has a pilgrim hat on a stick that she can hold above his head, a sign that says "I heart pie", one that says Happy Thanksgiving, and more.  

I was amazed.  I asked her if she made it all.  

"No, I just went to Michael's," she said.  Later, I asked her big sister who told me that she had spent a considerable amount of time putting all the stickers together to make the signs.  They are sooooo cute!

Marie and Dewey with the Happy Thanksgiving sign.

I told Marie that she was now in charge of all of Dewey's holiday photos.  She smiled.  Expect to see more cool photos in the future.

Have a relaxing and calorie filled holiday from us to you!!


  1. Hi Y'all!

    Just stopped to say I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

    Y'all come by now!
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Thanks! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful as well. 8-)