Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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A Two-hour Lunch

By Fred
On Dewey days I take a 2-hour lunch.

11:30: Jam sticks to me like glue.  He knows it's lunch time, and he's determined to make sure I don't forget that he exists.
Jam trying to squeeze his head between my legs
11:35.  I put Dewey in his crate so that I can walk Jam and Willow.
Dewey, not caring
11:40.  Jam and Willow are suited up in their Gentle Leader leashes.  Little do they know (or care) that it's 35 degress outside.  Taking a walk is a critical component of Jam's training routine (working on his separation anxiety). We take a fast walk.  He's happy to go, but is still pensive.
Jam and Willow at the kitchen door, being good.
11:55. Back from the walk.  I inspect the house to make sure that any possible edible is out of reach.  Pineapple on the fridge?  Absolutely.
I've got a pineapple on the fridge because of Jam. 
12:05.  The house is ready.  I go out the back door with Dewey and ask Jam to sit.  This part used to drive Jam nuts but now he seems unconcerned. 
Jam looks away as Dewey and I walk out the back door.
12:15. Dewey and I arrive and talk a long walk down the Pinellas Trail.  It's so cold I can't get my hand out of my pock to take any pictures.  Dewey loves to walk these days.

12:35.  Dewey gets settled in at the restaurant.  He was especially good today.  But I could barely eat because some retired people wanted to hear all about Dewey.  So I'm all blah, blah, blah. God, I'm so boring that I can see their eyes flutter.. And then I realize that I'm as old as they are.
Dewey under the table, being good.
1:20.  I arrive back home and pull into my parking space.  Jam is waiting, as usual, looking out the living room window.
Jam is standing up and has a serious face. 
1:25.  But now the question is: has Jam been a good boy, or has he tossed the toaster oven onto the floor? (Oh, wait, he did that yesterday and now it's broken.)  Today, he was a perfect boy--no items on the floor.  Yea!  And he really wants to tell me about it.
Jam. Good boy. You get a cookie today.

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