Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Bomb Proof

 Dewey is a very different dog than the others we have had.  It seems that we are on a path from crazy town to calm and sweet town.  Dewey being the latest in what seems to be a quite amazing job the breeding department is doing in creating puppies who are not only smart, but calm and sweet, too.  In Dewey's case, as in Coach's, there is the added benefit of liking to be hugged.

Dewey has a tendency during class to pick out one or two students and either curl up at their feet and fall asleep or choose their backpacks as his pillow.  During first period on Friday, Morgan was his favorite.

Morgan and Dewey.
The kids like it because it gives them a small interaction with Dewey.  I like it, because he is not glued to me, he is asleep and controlled.  Win-win.

This week we have had a few things that have happened where Dewey's reactions have been very impressive.  Or should I say, his non-reactions?

I was out walking by the clock tower doing some right abouts, left lefts, etc. with another teacher.  We had just stopped to let Dewey take a little busy busy break.  Out to the side of the clock tower there is an open field.  It was about half a football field away.  In the field there was a middle school teacher with 20 of her students.  I assume it was a science teacher as she seemed to have a large bunch of powders she was dumping in a metal pan.

Christy and I kept talking and Dewey went on peeing.  Then the teacher ignited the powder and there was a loud explosion! Christy and I both jumped and stopped talking as a huge plume of smoke started to drift over to us.  The 20 kids started to clap.

Dewey keep peeing and didn't even look over to the explosion.  

Yesterday, we had a surprise fire drill.  It happened near the end of second period.  It was a loud screech.  I jumped.  Dewey was sleeping nearby.  He opened his eyes and looked up.
Dewey with some of my advisory girls at our fire drill waiting spot.

That was the extent of his reaction.  Walking to the waiting spot, Dewey was calm and collected.  No rushing, no pulling.  The excitement of the crowd didn't rub off on him.

Dewey asleep on my book bag.
I remember his comment from puppy camp.  There was a question on energy level and they marked Dewey as having very low energy.  He does nap a LOT. But he does play with Jam very hard.

Dewey with his wake up face: Why do I have to wake up?

He has an active pace and is a thoughtful and sweet companion.  I think he saves his energy for those times when he needs it.  We used to call him turtle.  I think we were correct.  Slow and steady wins the race.  He knows what he needs to do, how much energy to expend and when to react.  He doesn't get excited by the small stuff.  

Let's hope he keeps it up! Go turtle!


  1. CAN WE TRADE!?!?!?! Please?

    1. Erin! That is too funny. 8-) I'm going to have to go back and see your posts and see what is going on!!! He is quite a little sweetie. We are very lucky. Just remember, we had Bingo, Berkeley and Jam before we got Coach and Dewey!