Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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Let Me Drive

By Fred
Dewey has become (easily) the most gentle, sweet and polite dog we've had. Sure, Berkeley was very sweet, but she could be a little mean to Willow. Coach was (and surely still is) the best dog on earth, so it's not a fair comparison. The other dogs are documented sufficiently. Anyway...

Dewey is always glad to bring us the shoe or the other thing that's in his mouth--he gives it up willingly. When Willow says No, Dewey says OK and gives her space. When it's time for bed, Dewey wants a hug, and then he is a good boy all night and is patiently waiting while Jam wakes us at 5:30 or 6. Dewey is a rule-follower, as much as is possible for a young lab.

Today at noon I decided to let Dewey take me on a tour of downtown Dunedin. We go there twice a week for lunch so he knows the area, and we take the same general route, with me in charge. Today I said Dewey, let's go, and I waited for him to determine the route.

He took us to our usual path to the Pinellas trail but then to the bank and to the park by the ice cream shop, not the usual way, but still we eventually came to our traffic light. I pushed the button and we waited for the light to change.

I wanted to think that he was excited, or proud, like a teenager first-time driver in his dad's car. But I'm not sure if he even noticed that he was more in charge than usual.

The light changed and the recorded message started to play (The walk light is on. You may now cross Main street, or whatever it says). Dewey sat still even after the person next to me walked into the intersection. Rule follower. Good boy.

So we crossed the street and he led me straight to the restaurant door. OK, not exactly straight, but he got me there.

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