Sunday, May 4, 2014

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Coach Finds a Forever Home!

We received the best of news this week!  Coach has been placed with a forever family.

If I had to pick a super power for Coach, it would be that he was great with kids.  He loved being hugged.
Coach in the "Hugs, not Drugs" photo for Middle Division
At the end of a class, I would undo his coat and let kids pet him.
Group pet for freshmen class project.
He also had his favorites.  One of his quirks was to go over and flip himself into your lap like he's done with Wren below.
Wren with Coach in her lap.
He was also a calm story time dog. 

Congratulations Coach!  I know the Lawrence Family has found a wonderful new member of the family.  Someone to love their son, who will watch, sleep and run after him.  Coach comes from Jam's line; he's a hard bonder and once he gives his heart, it is gone.  He's an all-in sort of dog.  That's why we love him so much!

From our family to yours, much love!  I can't imagine a better home for him.


  1. So happy to hear about Coach's new family. Thanks for the update!

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