Saturday, May 10, 2014

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New Assessment Kennel!

It was a long drive to Southeastern Guide Dogs for a puppy meeting, but the reason was quite a special one: the opening of the new assessment kennel!!! And we were going to get to see it for the first time! WOOT!!  How exciting is that?!

South and Central Pinellas Puppy Raiser Groups had obedience before the opening ceremony. John Bauer was leading the meeting.
 It was a lovely day for a building ribbon cutting ceremony.  Perfect weather for it.  And there was a nice big crowd.

Puppy raisers were doing obedience.

Fred and Dewey were in the sun for a tiny bit.

Dewey quickly migrated to a down stay in the shade.

Westen was looking very handsome.

A south puppy raiser and her cute yellow puppy.

Brian and Marcia are trying the sit and pay attention to me command. 

Bill walks up to try and distract Marcia, but fails. 

Julie was puppy sitting Java.

Cesar, a yellow lab puppy, was just so darn photogenic.

Cesar, smiling.

Chris pointed out this guide dog with a curly tail.  We think he must have Jack as a dad.  Jam has Jack as a dad.  Curly tails are his speciality.

Titus welcoming us to the ribbon cutting.

Cesar, being cute again.

Mr. Hirst talking about the center, named after him and his generous donation.

Marcia remembers me.  Can you see her foot on my foot?

Outside of the Hirst Assessment Kennel.
Inside of the female kennel wing.

female kennels.

Self-watering drinking fountains for the dogs in the kennels! How cool is that?

One of the pups was already learning how to drink out of the fountain!
Hurricane proof in-out doors on the kennels.  

Grates for waste, easy clean up, drains are flushed every 20 minutes (I hope I have that right!).

They have their own vet clinic. See photos below.

Place for exams.

Scales to get weighed! She was 38 pounds. 

Privacy Wing.

For the ladies in the red tent.

For training in inclement weather and all other testing, etc. Those big glass windows at the back house the observation room.  Turn off the lights and the dogs don't know you are there!

Spa grooming center!
 It was such a fabulous center.  So nice and clean and state of the art.  What a joy for our puppies going in for training.  Thank you Mr. Hirst and to all the donors who made every inch of that training facility possible.  It is an amazing place. Dewey will love it.

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