Saturday, May 3, 2014

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Dewey And the Ducks

At our school we have a pair of mallards who live on the campus.  Periodically we will get an update that they have laid eggs somewhere and that we need to be very quiet or careful so as not to disturb the nesting mother duck.

Often when we are walking in, we will pass the mom and dad mallard.  Sometimes Dewey notices them and sometimes he doesn't.  It depends on which way the wind is blowing and whether the ducks are in his direct line of sight.  They can be tricksy and hide in the bushes.

On Friday, a dark and rainy day, we were out walking.  We walked by the rain gutter that was making a loud waterfall onto some bricks.  It was a bit of a startling noise for Dewey so we stopped so he could get used to the sound.

Dewey staring at the waterfall.
It didn't take Dewey long to get used to the gushing of the water sound onto the bricks.  He lifted his head and looked up at the grass.
Dewey catching sight of the duck couple and pricking up his ears.
 He pricked up his ears.  I noticed this and looked down to where his gaze was fixed.  There were the mallards.
The mallards cavorting in the puddles.
Mr. and Mrs. Mallard.  They were happily cavorting in the puddles, which were quite deep.

Dewey staring at the mallards.
Dewey was lost in thought.  Easter had passed. The rain was coming down.  It was a peaceful, zen moment.

I wonder what was going through his mind?

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