Saturday, June 7, 2014

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Dewey's Final Goodbye's from Jan and Christina

It's a tradition that on the last day that our Southeastern Guide dog puppy is in the Cone Library that Jan and Christina take their goodbye photos with them.  Now, while the goodbyes have all had an element of sadness, it is not secret to say that people had their puppy preferences.  Some puppy's acted out and some were always sweet.  Some were a bit excitable, shall we say... But none were as gentle and loving as Dewey.

Sweet Dewey Dewdrop, who climbs up in your lap and snuggles.

Christina with Dewey in her lap in a snuggle.
Dewey has been a special favorite of everyone this year.  He is uncommonly sweet and gentle. He has been a student favorite, that's for sure.

Dewey and Christina.
Dewey even made Mrs. Connors a softie. Every morning, Dewey and I would come in the front door of the library and after sitting and being released, he would run to see Mrs. Connors.


She always gave him a tiny taste of peanut butter as his welcome to the library morning treat.

Dewey and Mrs. Connors with the peanut butter jar.

It was their thing.  It was just that once.  In the morning.  And after she put it away, he would lie down and be quiet. Next to her.

Jan smiling as Dewey licks the top of the peanut butter jar.
 But, Dewey was her favorite. She said so.  They had a rapport.  So while they can't be there on IFT day, Dewey, they send you all their best wishes as do all the students and I'm sure everyone at school.

Be good.  Do good.  We just can't see how you could do anything else.

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