Friday, June 6, 2014

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Dewey's Last Day in Rudolph Library

Sometimes, your best moments come in the quiet spaces between times.  Between those times when you are supposed to be doing something.  Something supposedly IMPORTANT.  

I had just finished a meeting with the lower division librarian.  I thought the library was empty, but there were four lower division students left in it.  They had been very, very quietly waiting for us to finish what we were talking about.

"Is now a good time for Dewey to take off his coat?" While it was the red haired girl who asked, they all had pleading in their eyes. I did have somewhere to be, but it was so quiet and Dewey was so still. 

He looked at them.  He looked back at me. "Sure."

We are all gathered around Dewey who is on his back getting belly rubs.
The kids were ecstatic.  We started to talk about dogs as we petted Dewey.

They were all very impressed with his soft coat.
And then he did what he always does when he gets lots of love and attention: He smiled.

Dewey, on his back smiling.
Which made all of us laugh.  Or maybe someone said something funny.  It was just a lovely moment in the library with Dewey and the students.

Laughing in the library with Dewey and the students.