Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Dewey's Last Week: A Concert at the American Legion

We were invited to hear the band Two Dog Night perform at the American Legion today.

Sign for 2 Dog Night.
 It was great because the bass player is also a puppy raiser for the Pinellas East Group: Alan Horner.  So, of course we went!

Here's a shot of Alan singing and playing.
It was nice to be at "the band's" table. The music was wonderful: the Eagles, 3 Dog Night, Jimmy Buffett, Beach Boys.  Their playing was great and their voices blended well too.  

Dewey looking very relaxed.  
Dewey took his cue from the laid back music and chilled under the table.  He mostly slept.  Although he perked up when Clara, the little black lab female made an appearance later in the after noon.

Dewey stares at Clara under the table. Clara is getting a belly rub.

Clara pretty much had eyes only for the humans.  They could give her belly rubs and kisses.  Even at this young puppy stage she is a master manipulator.

Dewey stares at Clara with lovesick eyes.
Dewey didn't care, he just stared and stared at her with his lovesick eyes.  Romance was in the air.

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