Sunday, January 3, 2010

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Bingolocks and the Two Arizona Bears (Ruby and Romo)

Bingo discovered that Grandma and Grandpa's house was a great place to stay, however, there were these two other granddogs who kept showing up and who refused to play with him. Very rude. Ruby, a red bone hound, and Romo, a ridgeless Rhodesian ridgeback (don't ask), are the older dogs of my brother and sister in law. They are used to ruling the roost and were quite surprised to arrive and find an interloper sleeping on their beds. Sort of like the bears coming home and finding Goldilocks sleeping on their bed.

However, in our case, Bingolocks did not run screaming from the house but rather leaped from the bed and jumped on Ruby and Romo and demanding to be played with. This resulted in much shouting and leaping about which caused Grandma to become irritated resulting in Ruby and Romo being put outside and Bingolocks staring at them and wondering why they won't just play.

The following two photos show Bingo sitting facing away from the camera looking out a sliding glass door at Ruby and Romo.

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