Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Fuzzy Distractions

By Fred
Today was a free day for Bingo (no school) so I took him for a long walk. Along the way we met up with a little old lady and her fuzzy little dog (I'm guessing it was a dog), one of those feather dusters on a leash with a bad attitude and loud yapping bark. As we approached them on the sidewalk, I tried to transmit a sense of calm down the leash to Bingo, who, I'm sure, was thoroughly confused by these two odd approaching creatures. The woman had one of those really long leads, and her little beast was running in big circles. No way I can control what might happen here...

I saw a brief glimpse of a possible future, with Bingo swallowing her dog in one bite, standing there with a pink leash coming out from his mouth.

Left, left, I said to Bingo at the next walkway, and we crossed the street. He did look back once or twice but didn't lunge, so I gave him a good boy.

Later we walked along a busy street a few blocks away. The SEGD manual recommends doing this just to get the puppies used to noise and traffic. This isn't a very good video, but it gives you the general idea--that he's not a afraid of anything. And lately he's doing a better job of keeping his head up and being aware of things.

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  1. Congrats Bingo!
    Sounds like you had a pretty fun walk:)
    Those little "Fuzz balls" are sure good distractions for us dogs!