Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Moaning Myrtle, I mean, Bingo

After the episode at the play, I took Bingo with me to classes. That Monday I had four classes. I started each class by telling the students what had happened at the play and that if Bingo made noise during class I was going to give him a correction. It wasn't because I was trying to be mean to him, but if he didn't stop being a crybaby, then the blind person who got him wouldn't ever be able to go to a movie or play.

They all seemed to get it. Bingo had three corrections in the first period. None in second and third periods. Then came fourth period, with the freshman health class that is made up of 18 boys, two girls and most of the boys have very limited attention spans. Having Bingo in class is quite a distraction to them. So even though they heard the reason, I'm not sure that in their freshmen boy minds they actually HEARD me. So when he made a moan/whine and I said, "No noise" and gave a correction, I got this startled, shocked and horrified look from two freshmen boys.

This is where "I'm not the strongest pack leader" trait comes out. I realized that they had not heard one thing I said, but I also realized that they were so completely unfocused that it was no use trying to explain it again. So, I opted to remove the distraction: Bingo. I keep a kennel in my office in the library and also our library assistant Jan occasionally keeps him, out of coat, in her office. I gave Bingo to Jan. Better to work with an older class who understands the purpose of the correction where I can be consistent with it, than try to work the correction and be inconsistent was my thought. Hopefully it was the right decision.

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