Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Serious Bingo Poses for the Camera

By Fred
On his recent visit my nephew took several pictures of Bingo, and here is my favorite. It shows Bingo, the puppy, trying on the demeanor of his future serious self, like a young boy putting aside his silliness for a few seconds and puffing up like an adult for the camera.

[ A photo just of Bingo's face, with sad eyes, droopy ears and a serious look ]

Here's another handsome photo of Bingo being a very good boy. Tonight we're taking him to a training class. We'll see if this Bingo comes with us.

[ A photo of Bingo with head tilted up at an angle and looking into the camera. ]


  1. Those are such sad eyes! Good luck with the training class

  2. Aww I love the first pic! Just want to squeeze him he looks so cuddly :))

  3. Both pictures look great, those eyes are quite cute:)