Saturday, May 8, 2010

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Down-stay Deception

A picture of Willow and Bingo in down stay, with Willow on the right.By Fred
It's early Saturday morning. The sun's not up yet, but I'm up with the dogs and getting them some breakfast. Cheryl will be quick to point out that she's the one who normally gets up to feed them. That's true, but she's still asleep as I'm writing this. (I wonder if she realizes how lucky she is to be married to me...)

Bingo would probably prefer to sleep in, but Willow is always excited to get up, always overcome and dancing with bursts of pure joy and energy--in many ways she is still the same crazy puppy we brought home 10 years ago. Bingo yawns and stretches when I open his crate, just to give me a chance to change my mind.

The dogs go into a down-stay on the kitchen floor while I get their breakfast, which is stored in the garage, meaning that they are in an unsupervised down-stay for about a minute while I fill their food bowls. For quite a while, I had to play peekaboo at the door, just so they couldn't calculate how long I'd be gone. But now I can go get the food, and they're still in down-stay when I come back.

However, lately I've noticed something strange. I know they're up to something--both of them with that innocent, I-didn't-do-anything look. So this morning I had my camera. We went into the kitchen like always. Down-stay. I took the picture above. I went out to get the food. Came back. Took the picture below.

Something is up, I just know it...
A picture of Willow and Bingo after I return with their food, with Willow now on the left. Sneaky.