Sunday, May 2, 2010

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The Great Escape

We began Friday with a photo shoot. I was helping friends of mine with a book of essays on librarianship in independent schools and one of the essays had a line about dogs in the library. The book editor wanted a photo with a student and a dog in it. Well, I had a library and a dog and plenty of students (two in fact whose mom's had given permission for their faces to be shown in the book, but I figured the book and a blog are two different things), so we started taking photos.

This was Jan's artistic shot of Bingo watching over the library. Periodically, he will hang out in the workroom and will position himself so he can see the entire floor of the library. Almost as if he is watching to make sure all is well.

I'm not sure whether this shot is of Bingo about to leap out and surprise someone for checking out a book or whether he is going to suggest another book they might like better. Perhaps he was just napping.

This is my favorite shot, Bingo surrounded by books with a handsome face as if saying, hey, reading is great fun. READ and you can be as shiny and wonderful as me! Stare deeply into my eyes. NOW READ!

Unfortunately, shortly after that photo, Bingo lost concentration. We were having a photo shoot with one of the students and I had taken off his leash so it wouldn't be in the shot. Bingo got a little antsy and was being a pill. I was sitting on one of the end tables and he came over to me and I grabbed his collar. He just backed right out it. Then he gave me a little gleeful look as if to say, "Woot!" and he turned tail and RAN up the stairs to the mezzanine completely NAKED.

Connor and I stared at each other and then I heard little shrieks and screams coming from the freshman being pummeled by a rampaging naked Bingo.

"Bingo's loose! Bingo's loose!"

Yes, yes. I said under my breath and got up and clomped up the stairs. I knew he was doing the Labrador butt tuck (that's where they tuck their butt underneath and run so rast their little legs look like they are spinning, it's quite amusing). Sure enough, at the top of the stairs, Bingo was butt tucking it all over the place, bouncing from student to student, bumping and licking and knocking kids down. It was chaos.


"Hey! Keep it quiet in the library!" This from the teachers downstairs. I'm being shushed in my own library for Pete's sake! How do you catch a naked Bingo? Corner him against something. Little weiner!
But we did finally corner him and bring him back to justice. Or rather to a 15 minute time out to calm down in the crate.

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  1. Oh Bingo :) You certainly are a rambunctious boy.

    But oh so handsome, beautiful shots of him in the library!