Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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Hey! Are You a Follower?

I had a lovely conversation with a librarian friend of mine today after school. Seems one of the volunteer moms at her school in Bradenton is a regular reader of the Bingo blog and was telling her about Bingo and Sarah said, "Wait a minute. I think I know that person!" So, since I had just emailed her about something, she called to tell me that she had heard all about Bingo and his blog.

It's an amazingly small world out there. Makes me feel exceptionally bad for letting you all down this last week with no posts (although Fred was very good and had two posts 8-)! Especially as I have plenty to report on.

But I do have a request. I have a sneaking suspicion that there are a few more than 23 who regularly read the Bingo blog. Yet, google assures me that only 23 faithful followers have signed up to hear the travails of Bingo and the McLeans.

So, I raise a glass (right now, it is a rather large cafe latte, don't ask, tough day at school!) in your honor. You've stuck by us through the puppy crazies and now we are heading into the terrible teens. So if you haven't become a follower, consider it. We would love to see your smiling face on the right hand side of our blog. Just under the FOLLOW button. Come on, you know you want to click it.....


  1. Obviously not professionally trained, hence the blog, David. 8-) Puppy raisers just socialize the puppies and teach basic obedience until about 15 to 19 months of age. Then they go to Southeastern Guide Dogs to be trained by professional trainers who will polish them up until real working guide dogs. So we have them in the crazy stage, er, cute stage! 8-)