Friday, May 14, 2010

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Poor Little Fat Boy

Last Tuesday was our first day at our THIRD obedience class with Bingo. We figured we would just keep going until he was perfect (uh huh!). I was feeling quite pleased with myself because I was going to show trainer Jennifer how much Bingo had slimmed down from his previous Thunder Thigh designation. (He's down to 2 cups a day of purely adult Royal Canin food and Fred and I both are taking him on long morning walks.)

I bopped righted out of the car and pranced around to Jennifer and held Bingo out and said, "See how good he looks? He's slimmed right down." Then I think I even leaned back a little waiting for the effusive praise to hit me.

Jennifer looked at Bingo. She smiled. "He's getting there."

"But I can see some ribs and his indentation is much more pronounced!" At this point, I think I must be like the Biggest Loser mom saying her son was eating low-fat yogurt ice cream, which didn't have that many calories.

"His coat looks really good."

Ah. His coat looks really good. That's like the fat girl's "She's got a beautiful face" curse.

I suppose looking at this photo that his coat does look really good and he does have a beautiful face. And if I am really honest, if I look closely at the previous photo (both photos taken by Trapper's mom Gabrielle, BTW, thank you very much!) there might be just the teenstiest beginnings of a paunch, but honestly, how can a dog who's only snack is ice cubes, for Pete's sake, have a paunch? Seriously! I think this is a true case when saying your puppy is big boned is legit. My dog is big boned. There. I said it. He's a big boned lab. He can't help it. He's zaftig.

Poor Bingo. I see more walks in his future. At least he was in the circle of acceptance FROM THE BEGINNING OF CLASS! Woot! That has never happened. At least being big boned has not affected his self confidence. I can assure you of that.


  1. I have had some big bone labs too, so don’t feel too bad! Poor Ely has is getting the low end of his food at 3 cups of food a day, while Rocky was on 5 cups of food a day and Sherman when I had him was on 6 and they were both as skinny as could be! Bingo has a gorgeous coat, it is so shiny. Good luck in obedience class, it sounds like it is starting off great!

  2. He's looking pretty good!

    I'm doing a "name game" over at my blog - check it out, there is a prize!

  3. Aw Bingo we think you are great just the way you are!!! :)))