Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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My Dentist Office Rocks!

I've been very lucky. I've never had a cavity and except for one time, I've always had good dentists. That one bad dentist was in Florida and it was pretty bad. So when I asked around for a recommendation, I really listened to what my friends were saying.

That's why when my friend Suzanne started talking about how wonderful Dr. Charles Ford was and how she had been going to him for YEARS, I perked up my ears. Sounds like my kind of dentist. And he was, kind, knowledgeable, thorough and with a charming and pleasant staff. Plus, he and his wife Beth have two labs, so they love dogs.

On Tuesday I had an appointment for a cleaning. Here was my opportunity to introduce Bingo to the staff!

It all started well. I mean, he made it into the exam room pretty good. A little wild, admittedly, skittering around a bit on the slick new floor. I panicked only a little when there didn't appear to be anything I could attach his tie down to.

I looked at Tonya, my dental hygenist. She was being very sweet. "I'll try just putting him in a down stay." I'm thinking, yeah right. Bingo in a down stay. That will work. I'm looking around at all the very expensive dental equipment and the lovely edible cords that are on the ground. I think back on the cord he chewed through at the Brazilian restaurant. I get a little nauseous.

I give Bingo the evil eye. He pops up. I put him back down. I sit down in the chair and Tonya attempts to put my paper napkin around my throat. Bingo pops up again. Ack.

I try the Vulcan death grip from the chair. It's not working. I put him into a down stay. Tonya starts working again. Beth, Dr. Ford's wife and the receptionist/office manager, pops in to see if she can pet Bingo, but I explain about the coat. She's a little crestfallen, but understands. She says he has a sweet face. Tonya continues. Bingo starts to fall asleep.

Then Tonya brings out the electrostatic ablation drill (for want of a better word, it's actually a laser) to laser off the crud from my teeth. Begin high pitched whining noise! VERY HIGH PITCHED WHINING NOISE.

Up pops Bingo. I have a feeling that this electrostatic thingy is hurting his ears. Uh oh....

"Oh Beth!"

Turns out, if your dentist uses the electrostatic ablation drill, you probably don't want to take your guide dog to the dentist's office. Unless Beth is there. So I recommend you change dentists.

After Tonya finished up with that, Bingo came back and went to sleep. Then Tonya and Beth posed for a cute photo.

Just in case you need the details :-)

Dr. Charles Ford
3921 5th Avenue North
Saint Petersburg, FL 33713
(727) 327-2342

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  1. Good thing that dental office allows pet dogs like Bingo. He really made the aura there livelier since your dentist also loves dogs. Other dental offices should also open doors for dogs and cats so the atmosphere would liven up a little.

    Ed Hochhalter