Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Bingo Cam

By Fred
Last night Cheryl and I thought it would be great fun to tape a video camera onto Bingo's collar and get a look at life through his eyes. Actually it was just a small Olympus camera, feather-light, and I don't think he even noticed it.

Video Narration:
I've just pushed the button and we see the world from the top of Bingo's head. He's looking around at first, but when I say Sit and then say Good Boy, he sits very still. We see into the TV room, and Cheryl is the shot, getting another camera ready to take Bingo's picture.

I say Forward and we see the room ahead (with some very steady camera work), but then the Bingo collar/cam slips around his neck and everything is upside down now, or at least the camera is upside down, looking ahead from just under his right ear. We Sit again and Cheryl's face zooms into the frame (very proud of Bingo, as usual), taking his picture with her camera. She says his name, encourages him to smile for the picture, but we are working now and we don't have time to take pictures. When Bingo is working, it's pretty hard to distract him. (We discover later that he is yawning at this point.)

We do another Forward and then we can see Willow (our Chocolate Lab) waiting and wondering why we continue to fuss about Bingo instead of playing with her. Well, really we can only see her legs but we know what she is thinking.

I say Right, Right and he turns into the kitchen. Then we Sit. Perfect. Another Good Boy. Cut.
A picture of Bingo with his collar cam. He's yawning.


  1. That is too cute! Bingo is such a good boy!

  2. I love to find dog people nuttier than I am. Of course now I am gonna have to try this on Duke.