Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Another Postcard from the Provinces

Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley continues her puppy camp at the Bauer household and we have received another missive from her.

My Dearest Cheryl and Fred,

It is now Day 4 of our captivity. We continue to explore these nether regions of our realm with curiosity and cautious enthusiasm. We are gratified to find admirers and well-wishers everywhere. It does restore confidence in trying times.

Yesterday, we caught the caretaker looking at *our* blog and were mortified to find that aptly described blonde urchin usurping the cyber-throne that is rightfully ours. Then, in a fit of pique, the canine Angel we spoke of had the temerity to growl at us! Does she not know whom she is so rudely addressing? We were sorely tempted to remind her of her place in no uncertain terms, and would have done so were it not that our play together was entirely too delightful! We still find the caretaker a tad irritating, however, as he is constantly taking us outside to "busy." Does he think his carpets are made of gold? We assure you, they are not -- though we will make them so if he's not careful.

Perhaps to make up for his offense, said caretaker arranged for a private showing at the Regal Cinema of one of the day's latest entertainments, a farce called Megamind. Alas, it was hardly Shakespeare. We confess we had a difficult time keeping our eyes open -- something that would have been made much easier if we'd been allowed the popcorn we so desperately craved. With a nip in the night air on our return, we bethought ourselves that an ermine robe would not be amiss as we continue our tutelage for our rĂ´le as a leader of men.

(as ghosted by John Bauer)

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