Sunday, May 15, 2011

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I could kick myself. We got invited to a cocktail party and I didn't get anyone to take a photo of Fred and me looking all spiffy. Such a shame! We went as the guests of Bobby and Merideth and had a wonderful time.

Her Royal Highness was in fine form and even had her photo taken by a photographer for the Sarasota Herald, so there is some hope that there may be photo of us on the society pages (after all she is the Queen), but does Sarasota recognize her reign? We'll have to wait to see what their coverage of the soiree is like. The blurry photo below of HRH and Phyllis is not by the Sarasota Herald photographer, rest assured.

There was one other puppy raiser and her two sons Brett and Blair (not sure about the spelling) there: Nancy with her dog Phyllis. They were invited by Phyllis's sponsor. HRH and Phyllis had a grand time and seemed to enjoy all the attention from the crowd.

Nancy and Phyllis were called up before everyone to pose while they auctioned off a Puppy naming opportunity! Phyllis did not look like a demon dog.

This dog house is the people's choice award winner by Murray Homes. It went for over $1000. It was quite an exciting night. Lovely conversation, a great dinner, fun auction. Money for SEGD!

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