Thursday, May 12, 2011

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I have to say that I thought when Bingo and I met again it was going to be a bit like this:

So I was really disappointed when Bingo came up to me, wagged a bit and then wandered off to smell something.


How anticlimatic. I was expecting to cry at least. At the very least. I was even prepared to videotape it. I guess that won't be necessary.

The visit has been wonderful for one thing though. It has reaffirmed that our decision to give him up was the right thing to do. He is a wonderful sweet boy, but he is coddled, loved and adored as the only dog in his current family. In ours, he would be the third dog. Not a good place for an oversized personality.

For the most part, he has been very calm and slow and placid. No jumping, no wildness. A rather calm, old man. Then....

Fred went to let the carpet cleaner man in. He was bringing back two rugs that had been sent out for cleaning after our kitchen fire. This man was a LARGE MAN. He also liked dogs, for which we thank the gods.

As he comes through the door with the rugs in his hands, the placid, old man that Bingo has become shuffles up and then WHAM! leaps up on the man and throws him backwards against the wall. Fred is shocked. The man is shocked. They both stare at Bingo. Fred grabs him and yanks him back and makes him sit. He sits, transformed into calm, old man. They relax. WHAM. He leaps up and body slams the guy back into the wall. (Bingo is now 98 pounds of solid muscle. He's a walking steel girder.)

He may be a bit calmer, a bit slower and a bit fatter, but once a Bingo, always a Bingo. 8-)

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