Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Last Tuesday, I took Her Royal Highness (HRH) Berkeley to Zumba. It was one of those last things that she just hadn't experienced. A big, loud dance party! On the way over to Zumba, she was calm and collected.

Here she is with Stephanie before the dance party starts. She has no idea what is coming. Stephanie's dog Princess came to a Zumba class and wore herself out trying to follow the dance moves and ended up sleeping the last half of class. What would HRH do?

I hooked her into the one place on the bleachers on that had a spot that could hold a lab determined to leave. HRH eyed me suspiciously. I set up the camera and tripod. The Zumba teacher was prepped and ready. The Zumba participants were prepped and ready. We were all prepped and ready.

She was fairly relaxed. In fact, I did the stretching routine with her head on my foot. It was sweet. Next week, she goes in for training. I will miss her!


  1. Too cute! I can imagine how much you guys will miss her! Great moves BTW...guess you're ready to Samba in Brazil : )

  2. I've been enjoying your blog and found this awesome video. I was cracking up - loved the comments you posted in the video. I am a Zumba fan too - Good job!!! We will be getting our first CCI Pup in about a month. =)