Monday, May 9, 2011

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Bob: Our Chill House Dude.

A couple of weeks ago, we babysat Bob. He is a 6 month old, yellow male labrador who is the most chill dude ever. Because Bob is so ultra cool, we had to have Bob meet maintenance Bob. Maintenance Bob keeps our school running smoothly. They hit it off great!

Bob also met Bruce, who is the Band Director and teaches Drama Tech. Bruce is a big animal lover and was having a down moment. Bob livened up a bit for Bruce, but ultimately returned to his chill, cool dude attitude.

Here is Bob. He loves everyone. How can you resist such cuteness? He's like the Borg, but in a good way. Resistance is futile. Bob overwhelms everyone with his calm, drowsy, no nonsense sensibility.

We miss him. Perhaps our next puppy will be a can dream.