Friday, June 29, 2012

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Handsome Docile Lad

Yesterday I met a friend out for lunch for her birthday at Red Mesa Cantina.  Jam was a pretty good boy at lunch, although we were in a fairly dangerous lunch spot: our booth was on the high spot of the garden outside overlooking the fountain area, so that the tables below us were at about shoulder height for Jam.  Or rather butt height for him if he turned his "most appealing side" around.  

Not that he ever gets up and changes position under a table. (Twice.) Sigh.

However, we were blessed that the table below us was filled with dog lovers as it was a mom and her son and a girlfriend out to lunch.  The friend was on the Jam side and the son was very interested in Jam.  The mom immediately explained that he was working and he couldn't be touched as I quickly tried to down Jam out of sight.  The boy was good, and kept an eagle out for Jam appearances and didn't seem disappointed by any full moons.

After lunch we went by the Dali museum gift shop for Theresa to pick up a present for a friend.  Jam had never been, so this would be a new experience for him.  As soon as we got out of the car, he started picking up his paws really fast indicating hot pavement, so we ran over to some grass.  I took off his coat so that he could busy before we entered.  

As previously mentioned in our puppy sitting post, Jam had disappointed us by marking once in Brian and Susan's house.  It was a community pillow that all of their dogs slept on, one of them being the male dog, but still, up until that point, I could claim that Jam hadn't ever marked in the house.  Now, all bets were off and I wasn't feeling so confident.

"Busy busy." I said as we stepped onto an expanse of green grass.  Jam wandered around and eyed me. He tried to sidle up to the eletrical box that was nearby, but that seemed like a dangerous combination, so moved him to more grassy expanses.  No deal.  There was going to be no peeing.  We walked some more.  The museum was getting closer.  He did finally pee and I did say busy busy before he did it, but I'm not sure if it counts as marking or not.

We went into the museum.  But I had the sense that Jam was a bit on edge.  Because we had been on vacation and Debbie had visited us with her rain, we hadn't had the time to take Jam on many outings and this was really his first big errand day.  

I wanted to get a photo of him in a down stay in the aisle. 

Jam, clearly not in a down stay. He's up and moving and actually going for his diaper bag.
 As soon as I got him in the down stay, my diaper bag swung down and Jam went for it and started biting it.  Then he got frisky.  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GIFT AISLE. So, I have to detach the diaper bag from his mouth with a firm NO. And praise.  And then put him back in a down stay, with praise. And then try the photo again.

Jam in a down stay in the aisle.
 Success.  The car started thundering and then raining.  Well, it is the freaking, Dali museum, what do you expect?  That is why Jam's expression is so curious.  He's wondering

  1. Why is a car in the middle of the gift shop?
  2. Why is it raining in the car?
  3. Why is thunder coming from the car?

 We just left that aisle and went to stand by the weird giraffe. On our way there, the elevator security man says into his walkie talkie, "There is a service dog on the premises.  A Southeastern guide dog."  I always love it when they announce him.  

Of course, Jam is getting lots of smiles directed at him.  98% percent of the people smile at me or at him and don't meet his eye so that they don't rile him up.  But as we get to the door, there is this one lady who just has to meet his eye and say how handsome he is.  Honestly.  But Jam remains in his down stay and only wags his tail.  Good boy.  

As Theresa goes to pay for her purchases, I follow with Jam and down stay him.  Then the cashier delivers this line, "He looks like the most docile dog.  I just want to come over and hug his face. He's so handsome."

I barked out a laugh.  "Oh, he's on a knife's edge and it's not docility. But thank you! He is a breeder candidate and is unusually good looking." Jam just watched the people coming in and out.  

On the way out, we ran for the big expanse of grass and since it was a large expanse of grass, I didn't take off Jam's coat.  As we were walking over the grass to the car, Jam starts peeing.  No lifting of the leg, no indication that there is going to be some urination. No nothing.  Just a walking pee.

"NO! Honestly!" I look down at Jam.  In coat.  On the grass. You were walking dude.  I don't know what to do about the pee situation.  I have three weeks to consult with my AC on ways to deal with his peculiarity. I am flummoxed.

We went on to Dillards at International Mall where when we entered we were met by one of the happiest clerks ever.  I think it absolutely filled him with joy to see Jam.  As we walked in, this man was working the jewelry counter and he looked up and was overcome with a huge grin.  I needed to know where the elevators were and thought why not ask the happy, grinning person?

"What a handsome, young dog you have there!" He said.

"Yes, he is. Thank you. Can you point me to the elevators?"

"Oh yes!" And he proceeds to give me very detailed instructions, all the while watching Jam.  Then he says, "What is this handsome boy's name?"


"Oh! That is delightful!"  It was like talking to an elf.  So fun. We made it to the elevators were we waited and evidently so surprised the people getting off that they forgot they were getting off.  They just welcomed us on the elevators and said they were continuing to go down.  I said that I was going up and would wait until they came back up.  Then they realized they had to get off.

Jam outside the elevator
I attempted another photo of Jam in the aisle of Dillards by the bedding.  It would have been cute.  But again that darn diaper bag slid down and Jam was off to the races!  Tug of war with the bag and it was just before he was going to do the puppy crazy spin run that I was able to get him to sit and down.  Fortunately, Dillards has large aisles and we were in bedding.  Fortunately, he is older and more manageable.  Fortunately, he knows his commands and will do them.

Sometimes, he just choose to do them on a bit of a delay.  

So we double timed it out of there.  Not quite a run, not quite a walk.  And when we hit the parking lot and were on our way to the car, I saw a man staring at me.  Then I noticed his huge grin.  He was staring at Jam and Jam had just made his day. 

I wonder if he too thought Jam was a handsome, docile lad.


  1. Well one thing's for sure, your outings will always be pretty interesting with a puppy at your side! I really am glad I found this blog as it has inspired me to write one of my own when my family gets our SEGDI puppy. I've had a great time reading through this!

    1. Michaela,

      I'm so happy you found the blog helpful. We started it primarily to show that puppy raisers aren't perfect and puppies certainly aren't perfect and there are always going to be those moments when you go, Oh MY! But then there are the times when everything goes right and you look at your puppy and think, "How did I get this genius dog?" Not too many of those, but it's the puppy cuddles, licks and kisses that really matter and ultimately the people who will be getting our puppies who we do it for that are the driving force behind what we do and why we do it. I think it is important to be honest about the process because you learn from your mistakes and hopefully can better train the next puppy! glad to hear you will be joining the puppy raiser ranks. Welcome.