Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Jam Meets Darth Vader

On Saturday Fred was sanding upstairs (which is why Jam and Willow and I were downstairs!).  Fred had bought a super duper mask because he was getting all the paint off of our doors and these doors are from 1923 and you just don't know what kind of paint they used.  Better safe than sorry.

Hence, the Darth Vader look.

Fred with his respirator on looking like Darth Vader.
But it did give us a good exposure for Jam.  We decided that while the babygate was up blocking the upstairs, that we would have Fred come down and surprise Jam with his mask.  Kind of like they do for the canine good companion test.

One portion of the canine good companion test is to have the puppy in a room and have a person walk in dressed normally.  Then that person walks out and walks back in with sunglasses or a hat on.  (This test is the one that HRH Berkeley failed.) Now, I have been working with Jam on not being scared of hats, sunglasses, earphones, costumes, etc.  This respirator test would be a really good measure to see how well we have been doing.

So, we filmed it.  I won't tell you how he did.  After all, how well did Luke Skywalker react?  

"Jam, I am your father!"

Yeah, Jam kicked Luke's pansy butt! 8-)

Jam goes in for training on July 21st. Six more weeks.


  1. Yay jam good luck to him when he goes into training will you be getting another puppy

  2. Yes! We will be getting a new puppy in August for the new school year. One of our students single handedly raised the money to name a puppy and I said we would raise it for him. He is naming it after the school's football coach.

  3. how cool! what a cute video!