Saturday, November 17, 2012

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A Brand New Coat

By Fred
Poor Coach has been wearing a hand-me-down coat for months now, with faded lettering and frayed edges, and I've wondered if his self-esteem has suffered, with him seeming to be the poor kid at all the guide dog meetings.

A picture of Coach in his new coat.
He has a big smile on his face.
I could tell he was overjoyed yesterday when his new coat arrived in the mail. And I couldn't wait to take him out into public and let him show off.

It wasn't long until someone came up to us in Publix. Coach did his best Sit ever and looked up at the woman with the sweetest face, knowing that his new coat would help get him the attention and affection he feels that he deserves.

The woman gave Coach a quick glance and then looked at me. "Do you know Coastie?" she asked.

Yes, of course I know Coastie, I replied. Coastie is another guide dog puppy in our group. But when I tried to change the subject and tell her about Coach, the woman interrupted me.

"I've read all about Coastie and seen him on TV," she said as though she were describing Brad Pitt instead of a puppy. "And I saw him here in the store, just a few days ago." And then she went on to tell me about her dog and her husband and her job and more about Coastie, not giving Coach another look.

I could tell that Coach had his feelings hurt. His tail was a little droopy on the way out of the store, that is until another woman and her little girl came up to us.

"Pretty dog, mama," the girl said. "Yes," her mom agreed. Obviously she admired the coat very much.

And Coach was back to his old self.


  1. Awww, Coach, you look so very handsome in your fancy, new, blue coat! Really brings out those eyes! :)

  2. this post made me laugh :) - I always have interesting interactions when out in public, last week someone whipped out a picture of their now deceased pet to show me. Okay, people! And yes, Coach, you look great in your coat.