Friday, November 9, 2012

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Jam's Report Card!!!

We just got a new report on Jam.  Seems like he is continuing to do really well, so everyone should keep crossing their fingers and saying their prayers!!  Don't slack off now.  He's working really hard and loving his training as his trainer's comments below show he is a happy worker, but we knew that!

Jam at the Bradenton Mall sitting in harness by a giant sandal.  He is inside a shoe store! Photo by Kathy Hysmith. 

COMMENTS:  Jam is always in a good mood and loving life.  I don’t think this dog ever has bad day in his head. J  He loves everyone and has a blast running around with his roommate.  His harness work is still improving and he absolutely loves it.  We are still working on his obedience including his jumping and sit/stay.  He is a very smart dog and just needs to keep busy.  Sometimes I think that I could do a 10 mile route and that would only be his warm up!

 Go Jam go!!!


  1. Yay, Jam!! That's an awesome report card, but then, that's no surprise. :o)

    1. haha! I know! But I don't want to jinx it. He is so full of energy and he always wanted to work. He loved putting on the coat!!! He's such a good boy. Fingers crossed!!