Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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Marcia Does Mexican

We have a cute little guest for the next couple weeks, she's a sweet, tail-wagging female named Marcia. Dewey is away at puppy camp, learning what it's like to be in a normal house instead of our ongoing circus.

Marcia and I had a pleasant lunch today at Casa Tina, though I did have to explain about Dewey--the waitresses are already dreading (as am I) the day when Dewey goes in for training (IFT). Oh, well.

I had no doubts about Marcia today, she's a good girl, but I was curious to see how Jam would react to our leaving for lunch. He is doing so well lately. Whenever I leave him alone I always exit out the rear French doors so he can see that I'm gone (but that I'm not really gone). I stand outside the doors for a few seconds and talk to him through the glass. He doesn't jump anymore or have the wild, fearful look in his eyes.

But today I was leaving with a brand new dog. I imagined Jam might wonder Why are you taking her and not me? But no, he just sat down by the door and began preening himself casually. Just go...

Marcia (sweetness) at the Restaurant

And when we got from lunch back all was well in the house. Jam was calm. After my usual inspection of the house (during which he follows close behind me), I gave him and Willow praise and treats. Jam is really, really pleased when this happens. Even if I go outside for a few seconds, I inspect the house and give Jam credit for not destroying it.

Had there been something on the floor, I would have given Jam and Willow a long, boring lecture about how things should not be on the floor. No yelling and not angry, just a stupid boring speech. I can be pretty boring even when I'm not trying, so I'm guessing that my monotone is big-time punishment for dogs, much worse than yelling.


  1. Hummm, sounds like our Mom, good for Jam, just listen and try to do right.

    The Mad Scots

    1. Excellent advice! If only Jam would listen.....8-)