Thursday, December 12, 2013

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Dewey Comes Home From Camp

By Fred
I picked up Dewey from puppy camp last night. He wasn't exactly overjoyed to see me. On the way home he wouldn't even talk to me. The real surprise came when we walked into the house from the garage. There stood Jam with a confused look on his face--I had left with Marcia but returned with... not Marcia. Dewey returned Jam's cold stare. No tail wagging. No jumping. Awkward.

Just a few hours earlier Jam had been playing in the backyard with Marcia. She was sweetness and light. But now Marcia was gone.
Jam chasing Marcia.  He's grinning ear to ear. 

And just a few hours earlier, Dewey had been in the hypnotic presence of Carly, the sleek and irresistible Carly, loved by all dogs and humans. The adolescent male Dewey had been in her presence for almost two weeks. Agony.

This morning Dewey, Jam and I were back at work in my office, just like normal, each of us chewing on a bone. (At least their work has some tangible results.)

Were they dreaming of Marcia and Carly?
Dewey and Jam back at work in my office, chewing bones and dreaming of other things. 

I thought that Casa Tinas for lunch would cheer up Dewey for sure, but he sulked under the table. Little does he know that Coach had the same crush for Carly and ended up with the same heartache.
Dewey giving me the stink-eye at Casa Tinas

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