Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Marcia Learns to Like Open Stairs

 On Monday, everyone did a double take as I walked by with Marcia.

"What? Did Dewey get a dye job?"

"What happened to Dewey?"  There was a lot of explaining about puppy camps and where Dewey was and, yes, he was coming back to us in two weeks. However, to her credit, Marcia is so sweet, she pretty much won everyone over with just her little waggy tail.  It wags quite a bit!

Marcia getting comfortable in my office.
On our walk around campus I discovered that Marcia was a bit nervous about the open staircase near the history classrooms.  She was a brave girl and was able to come around to going down the staircase
fairly quickly, but I wanted to come back to the staircase today and spend some time getting her more use to the railings and the staircase.

Marcia staring out at the open railings.
 When we first got up to the hallway, which is bordered on both sides by open railings, Marcia didn't notice the railings.  So, I walked us closer to them.  Then she noticed them and veered away.

Marcia says, "I don't like these!"
 At first, she wanted to be by the wall.  But after a little bit, she would come to the center of the hallway and do a sit stay.  There was lots of praise.  Gradually, we got a little bit closer.

Marcia, with her back to the railing.
She was becoming more and come comfortable with the railing.  She even decided to go up to it and look out.

Marcia, looking out of the railing.
 That was quite a leap!  It was now time to approach the open stairway.

The open stairway opens up to the pool and can be a bit disconcerting.
Marcia slowed up upon approach, but not as much as she did yesterday.

Marcia at the landing.
We did several approaches and then went down the stairs.  It was a little fast, so we went back up and tried it again more slowly. Perfect.

Marcia, being perfect.

Marcia looking out through the non-scary railings.
 By the end of the exercise, the railings were old hat, the hallway was a normal, everyday thing.  No big deal.

Now, on to winning the hearts and minds of all the kids in school.

Marcia with Darryl and Tomi.

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  1. Ahhhhhh, you got the hard part done, betcha Marica has that winning peeps over covered by herself, NOBODY can resist a sweet pupper!

    The Mad Scots