Monday, December 9, 2013

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Marcia Meets Pre-K for the Wrap-In

Friday morning Marcia thought that it couldn't get much worse: reindeer antlers.

Marcia is not enjoying wearing the reindeer antler headband.
But, the day did get better for her.  We had drawn the lucky straw and were matched with Pre-K for the wrap-in.  The Pre-K kids are always super fun as are Mrs. Fruit and Mrs. DePew.

Here's my advisory with their presents before we head over to the wrap-in.
Marcia and I are in front.
My advisory is, of course, the most awesome advisory, so they were super fabulous with the Pre-K kids.

There was just one item of business that we had to address: the Pre-K kids didn't know about Dewey or Marcia!  So I had to explain EVERYTHING.

The kids swarmed us with questions.
 We had the kids form a semi-circle around Marcia and use their quiet voices.  They were very good about being gentle.  They were also good about moving out and letting the next child into the petting circle.  Sharing is a big concept in Pre-K.

Q&A with Pre-K

Marcia was very, very good. She stayed in a down stay.
 This lasted only a couple of minutes as we needed to get the wrap-in started, so we shooed everyone off to their chairs. Then I began to make the rounds with Marcia.

Marcia went table by table saying hello.

Some children were more enthusiastic than others.

 In the end, there were a couple of middle school kids who loved Marcia to pieces and happened to find that happy place on her tummy that made her say, "Ahhhhhhh."

Marcia is being petted by three middle school students. 
The three students seem to have found a special spot on Marcia's tummy.

Marcia's leg is a blur as one student scratches her belly.

Nice job Marcia! Great job kids! Excellent wrap-in. Fun was had by all.

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  1. It's so nice that Marcia does good with kids, and they are being taught how to treat a pupper at the same time. Oh Marcia, so sorry about the antlers, you just gotta deal with for a short while, till they get it out of their system!

    The Mad Scots