Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Bingo at the Surgery Center

By Fred
I went in for a routine medical exam yesterday that required anesthesia, which meant that Cheryl needed to come drive me home. At first we were unsure about whether she should take Bingo to school since he also would have to come into the surgery center. But the idea is to give him a wide range of experience, right?

As you may have noticed, some people are wound up tighter than others. Most people understand all about service animals, but there are a few bottom feeders out there who, faced with a little puppy in a blue coat, will react in a negative way and not want you to come in. SEGD has a good policy for handling such people: be polite but take names, etc.

After my procedure was complete I decided to tell one of the nurses that Bingo would be coming in with Cheryl. (I was still hooked up to something, so it never hurts to be friendly.) She became very excited and happy, and soon everyone knew he was coming. I grew up with a black Lab, she told me, almost misty-eyed.

Bingo sat right there as the nurse signed me out, and I could tell how much she wanted to pet him. And earlier this week he went with Cheryl on a doctor's visit, so he's getting pretty familiar with the health care system. Maybe we should go visit my insurance company, too.

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