Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Thursday night we gathered at the River Congo miniture golf for our puppy meeting. When we first arrived it was a bit grey and overcast, but it soon turned into this:

Our fearless leader tried to lead us through a round of stay/recall obedience exercises, but it must have been the storm that had us all a bit agitated and not able to concentrate. Or maybe it was the lingering fear the perhaps those gators in the front weren't so well penned up and perhaps we should get further away from the front entrance. Or it might have been that the thought of playing in the rain held more appeal than staying and paying attention. Whatever the reason, wet and huddled and in the entrance, we tried to stay, sit, and pay attention.

Donna has to be the most devoted area coordinator SEGD has. She was soaking wet and never once lost her air of enthusiasm. She really is remarkable.

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