Sunday, September 6, 2009

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Right About

By Fred
While we continue to work with Bingo on basic commands (Sit, Stay, etc.), we are beginning to work with suggested commands such as Left-Left, Right-Right and (my new favorite) Right About. SEGD calls these suggested commands because the puppy is not scolded when he fails to respond appropriately. Instead, we are supposed to repeat the phrases over and over so that the concepts eventually take hold in the puppy's mind.

Left-Left, for example, is given as you approach an intersection and then turn left. Eventually, the puppy will understand that Left-Left means "take a left at the next likely left turn." Right-About means take a 180 turn and go the other way.

Our dog Willow is a fabulous Frisbee player and all-around good dog, but she doesn't know her left from her right. And to be honest, I still have to peek at my hands occasionally--I can get lost just about anywhere. So I will be very proud of Bingo when he does his first Right-About on his own.

Here we are--not a perfect example because I am fiddling with the camera instead of focusing on him. The command comes too late, and he already has it in his mind to turn around and go home (he loves to go home), but we are still learning:

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  1. If I am not paying attention, I sometimes tell them left when I mean right. They know their left and right better than me sometimes! I love right about when they finally get it and are super good at it! Bingo is such a cutie.