Monday, September 14, 2009

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Bingo the Terrible

My friend Kim is an English teacher at school and I recently helped her with a plagiarism and academic honesty lesson. Of course Bingo got to attend as well. He did what he usually does, which is sleep and be a good boy, so here you see Kim smiling at the wonderful Bingo who has
slept through a rousing lecture and discussion on the perils of cheating! Woe betide those plagiarists! Not a twitch, not one from the sleeping pup. Ah well. Those were the days.

I have to remind myself of those lovely days when I have days like today. I didn't bring Bingo, guide dog extraordinaire with me to school, I brought Bingo the Terrible. First, something was off with his potty schedule, so instead of the two poops that we get before school, we only had one. I took him for a walk hoping for another, but in vain. It was during class, when after a particularly noxious silent but deadly fart he let loose, that I realized his inability to sit still was because he was holding in another poo. Fortunately, I was team teaching and could walk him out to do his business and come back. He slept the rest of class.

Then there was the walk to convo. Or rather the pull to convo. It was as if we had never had a good walk in our lives. I know that Debbie told everyone at the meeting that we communicate our emotion through the leash, but I really don't think I was upset. Whatever I was communicating through the leash, Bingo wanted none of it! There was a lot of correcting going on. This is Bingo giving me the puppy eyes. "I'm not terrible. I'm too cute to be terrible."
I found out they are going to do a column on him for the school newspaper called The Bingo Beat. It will give all his vital statistics and what he has learned so far. So, he better keep on learning and experiencing new things. No more Bingo the Terrible. Perhaps, Bingo the Slightly Grumpy.

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