Thursday, September 3, 2009

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It's like taking an infant to school.

This is the face of my sweet little baby. Getting ready for school is no longer a matter of showering, throwing on some mascara, the outfit, grabbing a large coffe and milk and shooting out the door. No. Now it is a huge process.

Now, we need to plan in advance (fortunately, planning in advance is a genetic thing for librarians). What is astounding to me is how much longer everything takes with him. Of course, he and I have long conversations wherever we go, so I'm never bored. But I don't seem to be moving that slowly. Perhaps, I just stopping more often.

Our morning routine is to go into my office where two of my advisory kids and Bingo wranglers are usually there. Bingo has a special affinity for the table legs and chairs and we keep having stop him from biting the chair legs and substitute a toy instead. The boys are really good about pulling him off the chair legs and getting him interested in the kong. Usually, the walk in has him so wound up that it takes a good 20 minutes to calm him down, so having a first period class can
be a bit dangerous. It's like taking an infant to school and expecting it to behave. RIGHT. That's going to work. That was my schedule on Wednesday. I had class first period, second period, class meeting, library work, fourth period, lunch, fifth period, library work, afterschool work. Yikes!

Strangely, it did work. It worked because Bingo is a chill dog with a very laid back attitude. So, after an initial ten minutes of futzing around in first period, he fell asleep on Alex and Katie's feet (much to their delight). He remained asleep for most of my classes. I would say it is just me, but Tim who team teaches the documentary film class with me is a very exciting and interesting history teacher and Bingo slept right through his lecture as well. So it can't be me. 8-) This is Bingo sleeping through my lecture.

At lunch, he has so many fans that I take off his invisibility cloak and let the teachers and students come up and pet him. The world languages teachers especially are in love with him. Pilar is on the left and Katia is on the right. Pilar has Bingo as her screensaver.

The students in this photo are in my documentary film class. Bingo had a little problem settling down for class. He wanted to chew on the dolly tire, so the girls are trying to keep him away from that. Then he found the chairs. He realized that he could grab a chair leg and pull it and it would go wherever he wanted it to and it made quite a loud noise. Not good, especially, when Tim is lecturing! So I grabbed him, put him on a short lead, put him on a down stay and he fell asleep. Once asleep, he was down for the whole class.

His second full day and he did a great job.

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