Monday, February 1, 2010

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Avert Your Eyes!

Today Bingo made it into the the realm of the gods. As we walked down the lower division hallway on the way to the restroom, there were three 5th graders in the hallway by the bathroom door reading: two girls on the left, one boy on the right. When the two little girls caught sight of Bingo's magnificence, one of them yelled out, simultaneously throwing her thin arm up and over her eyes, "Don't look at him!" Her friend immediately did the same thing. They remained, eyes covered, as Bingo and I walked into the bathroom.

On the way out, we had to pass the little boy who was exactly at the same height as Bingo. He was sitting right by the bathroom door. As I stepped over the threshold with Bingo on my left, Bingo looked over and caught sight of the little boy and his shiny pink ear. And...yes...he stuck his tongue in it.

I stopped and looked down at him. "I am so sorry."

The little boy looked up at me and in a very serious voice said, "I'm ok."

He didn't avert he eyes.


  1. Why did they avert their eyes? Because they didn't want to distract Bingo from working?

  2. I think she got confused. When I explained about Bingo, I told the kid when he had his coat on it was like he was wearing Harry Potters cloak of invisibility, meaning you can't see him--ignore him. But I think she took that literally!! :-)

  3. I told this to all of the students. That comment made it sound like i just told her.

  4. That's a good technique to try! Cloak of invisibility....Cute :)