Sunday, February 14, 2010

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A Kiss Good Morning

[Closeup photo of Bingo's face looking directly into the camera. He is resting his head on his red tartan bed.]

A few weekends ago I was startled awake by Bingo jumping on my head and giving me a kiss good morning. Not quite the gentle, slow Saturday wake up I was looking forward to. Evidently my thrashing and screaming "Bingo NO!" woke up the gentleman in him because yesterday morning I was woken up to a very quiet whine. The sort of noise that might indicate that Bingo needs to go out and potty. Since Fred was on Saturday morning potty duty, I immediately opened my eyes and looked over to the crate where I supposed Bingo was. My thinking was Fred is really in trouble because this was my morning to sleep late!

But Bingo was sitting by my bed, right by my face and he gave me a good morning kiss. I don't know how long he waited there. But it was pretty sweet. I still got up and marched his cute little butt out of the bedroom and into the hallway where I shut the door and went back to sleep.

He was sitting by the door waiting for me when I woke up again. I consider it Bingo's early Valentine's Day present to me. Happy Valentine's Day to you all.


  1. Maybe you'd find my kisses more memorable if I had a cold and wet nose?

  2. Happy Valentines to you!

    Bingo, Toby agrees with you, "kisses" are the best gifts!! (and they are pretty cheap!)

    Toby's Raiser