Monday, February 15, 2010

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Tudo Bem!

By Fred
While Cheryl is a wiz at Portuguese, I know only a few words, and so when we visit our friends in Brazil, I normally sit in the corner and smile and nod while everyone else chatters away.

On Saturday Cheryl and I discovered a nice family-owned Brazilian restaurant (Terra Mar) in Pinellas Park, and soon everyone (except for Bingo and me) was speaking Portuguese and laughing. Brazilians always do this: they make you feel like family--always happy, always glad to see you. And the people in the restaurant seemed especially glad to see Bingo, just like he was a member of their family.

Luckily Bingo was on his best behavior. We had just come from the Woofstock event in Largo, so he was really tired and, we thought, ready for a quiet nap under the table. And for a while, that's just what he did.

In the meantime we are drinking strong black coffee and eating more and more food. I love black beans and rice with Brazilian rolls called pão de queijo. For dessert we had maracuja (passion fruit) pudding--the real thing and Cheryl's favorite. Great. But the next time we checked on Bingo we discovered that he had reached up and pulled down an extension cord and chewed it in two. It was hidden behind the table cloth and up against the wall, and we just didn't see it.

Of course we felt terrible. Fortunately it was unplugged or he could have gotten a nasty shock. It was even more surprising because he has never shown any interest in the electrical wires here at home--maybe some food had dropped on the one at the restaurant? Anyway, the lessons go on: always look for chewable things, always try to think like Bingo.

The owners couldn't have been nicer about the cord, and they tried to stop us from leaving money for the damage. Also, we showed them the Urban Spoon app on my iPhone and how highly rated they are. And we promised to spread the word (see Cheryl's review here), so I think we are welcome to come back, which is a good thing. Stop in if you get a chance.

A photo of Bingo and Willow curled up in Willow's bed

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