Thursday, February 18, 2010

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New Leather Leash

By Fred
Last week Diane Anderson gave us some good advice about leashes and leash management. Like any good hobby, working with dogs comes with its own high-end equipment, and she recommended a new leather leash, which fits better in the hand because it is thinner (narrower, to fit within your knuckles) and less abrasive than the nylon.

The word 'leather' is one of those magic words for Cheryl--like 'Facebook' or 'sale'. We looked at PetSmart but couldn't find what we wanted, so she found and ordered one from SEGD. It just came last night, which means that I'll use it first (since Bingo is with me today), and if the truth is told completely, Cheryl likes to open packages and to play with new things first. OK, she was a pretty good sport about it this morning.

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Also we learned that Jennifer from SEGD will be giving another obedience class, but it's primarily for dogs who have not yet taken the class. Hopefully there will be room for Bingo and we'll get to attend.


  1. New leashes are always fun! I have one from SEGDI, but am extremely picky about my leashes and have one that I like better to use for everyday use. The only bad thing about a new leather leash is breaking it in! Bingo is so handsome!

  2. Leather leashes are the BEST! I love Ellie's convertible leash that I can clip together to make different sizes.

  3. I LOVE leather leashes!
    Bingo, you sure are handsome:)