Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Generally, Bingo is a sturdy, fireplug dog. He doesn't seem to have any problems (aside from an outrageous appetite!). But the other day during my body check, I noticed that in his right ear there seemed to be a little bit of smut.

Now, having raised a 110-pound mutt who had huge, floppy, moist ears with chronic ear infections, I am a master of the ear wash. I gave twice weekly ear washes for about 8 years. Today, Bingo was going to get his first ear wash.

First, I did an overall body check, running my fingers all over his frame looking for ticks or abrasions. I checked between his toes. Part of the reason we do body checks is to make Bingo body insensitive, in other words to make him feel very comfortable with someone playing with his feet, checking his teeth, running their fingers in his ears, etc., because that is what his owner will be doing nightly to insure that Bingo is in good health and has not stepped in something that might have hurt him. That body check also serves to bond Bingo with his owner. It's pretty important, so Bingo needs to quiet and calm when people check his feet, teeth and ears.

I called Bingo into the kitchen where I had all the accessories laid out: cotton balls and ear wash liquid. He was fine until he felt the first moist cotton ball and then his first thought was ESCAPE! I had to grab him and wrestle him into place. But what ultimately made Thud (our Great Dane/Lab mix) love ear treatments was the ear massage. So when I got to the part where I squirted in the liquid and inserted the cotton ball, I took my time and massaged the liquid and used the cotton ball to get rid of the excess.

Bingo was in total relaxation mode when I was finished and when I released him, he remained motionless.

Mission accomplished.

Bingo leaves today for the puppy sitter. There won't be any posts for 12 days. If you get a Spring Break I hope you enjoy it. If not, have a lovely weekend and see you in 12 days!

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